Choose a location

Click a location for details, including current danger warnings, nearby food, public restrooms, boat launches and more.


Clicking on a location also provides you with access to the following information and services.

Detailed tidal information, including time of low and high tides and size of swell. You will find everything you need to determine if this location suits your needs.
Detailed information about the fish activity in that area. As a fisherman you will want to choose a location where the fish activity is high but board sports should be in a location where there are fewer fish.
A visual, overhead view of the area that shows the details of the sea floor. The sea floor plays a large part in the behavior of the water and marine life. Knowing the layout determines whether an area will be good for surfer, for example.
Find out about known hazards at a location before you get there. Is there a rip current or should you do the “Stingray Shuffle”? It is always best to be prepared!
Help promote peace between human and shark. Make the responsible choice to avoid them by checking to make sure there are no tagged sharks in the area.
Why report shark sightings? It helps protect both humans and sharks. When a report is made it is sent to the Coast Guard and the Shark Research Committee. A 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt, non-profit scientific research organization founded in 1963, whose primary goal is to assist Leonard P. Schultz of the Smithsonian Institution.